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Website Development & SEO

We provide website development & search engine optimization services for your business. Our aim is about higher search engines rankings and a website that your customer will enjoy interacting with. We  also create content for your website to ensure that your website is the go-to solution providers for your potential customers. Partner with us for your website development and search engine marketing needs.

Website Development

Building and constructing your website. Depending on the case, we may use tools such as wordpress, HTML, PHP, Javascript and other web development frameworks to construct your website/web platform.

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Security Audit

Security is a very important part of your business, both for your and your customers. We build all websites to be secure from hackers, phishing and other common website based attacks.

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Website Support

We support you when you are experiencing any technical issues with your website and additional features to your website.

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Basic SEO

Every website selling a product or service needs some basic seo and discoverability on the web. We build every basic website with a basic search engine optimization checklist.

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API Development

In need of an api to allow developers to interact with your content, database and more? We can help build a secure api for consumption.

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Website Design & Brand Strategy

Web Design & Brand Strategy is about getting the identity and representation of your business communicated properly to your customers. We achieve this by a great look, great typography, web graphics and design elements such as your logo and icons for your business. We also try and tell your story through design, and communicated your business’s core values. We help focus on what makes your business work.

logo Design

We design your logo based on inspiration that relates to and communicates your business vision and mission.

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Single Page Design

We structure and build you a website to ensure content and navigation stay on the same page, making it easier for your customers to find content on your website, and interact quickly with your website and optimizing conversion.

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Information Architecture

Writing organized content and structuring and planning your website can be a difficult task. As experience developers and having seen first end how effective websites work, we help build your website’s information architecture.

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Style Guide

We build a style guide to use on all your website, media and other environments.

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Brand Strategy

Your brand is about communicating your vision, mission, and product and services. We can through content creation and visual elements, help develop and communicate your brand strategy.

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COmplete Website Packages


Your website’s purpose, vision and mission and message, and the essential of your business.


We take your definition and make a visual web design and layout for your business website.


We reassess and fine tune the design to make we have captured your business message.


Based on your definition and design, we build a complete the web project and test the results.

Website Redesign

Deluxe Full Service Website Package

A full web design and development package comprise most of our services such as content creation, basic SEO/advanced SEO, brand strategy which involves logo design and more.

  • Web design & development
  • Brand Design & Strategy
  • Website content creation
  • Website maintenance
  • Website hosting
  • Website graphics

Website Development

Website Design Package

A website design can save your a lot of time in build time and expose many ideas that help your website work better.

  • Logo design
  •  Responsive web layout
  • Color style guides
  • Great typography and graphics
  • Simple and consistent layout
  • Great content and communication

Other Packages 

SEO & Analytics Package

If you are looking for more out of your website in terms of website visitors/customers and improving ranking, we have just the right package for you. We analyze and develop web strategies to make you understand who your customers are and how you can turn them into buyers.

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Build A Subscriber Base

A great following on the web means you have a group of people that you can communicate your new ideas, services, announcements and more. Through email, blog and newsletter subscriptions and other means, we can help build a subscriber list for your business, products and services.

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Website Re-platform or Migration

Sometimes your want to improve your website by switching to a more current platform for better management and performance. We can help migrated your website from anyone platform to another. Let us know what you’d like to to and we can help.

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Build an Online Campaign

Building an online campaign take a combination of strategy and knowledge. You have to know how to position yourself on the web to better capture and generate leads. Through our understanding and experience, we can help you achieve great results through your campaigns.

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